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Rick Bennett For Governor

I am a write-in candidate for Governor of California. Do you like government telling you to wear a mask? Do you want government to force you to get a vaccine or else be banished from society? Not me. If you have had enough, write-in Rick Bennett on your ballot, for Governor.

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We Must Make A Stand

I am not a millionaire, not a business owner, not a famous talk show host, and not an author. I am a regular guy with a job trying to pay my bills, pay my rent, and put food on the table. I was born in California and have lived here my entire life except for brief times when I was a US Marine and when I was a contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting our military.

My grandparents fled communism in Russia and thirty years later my father fled communism in China. I do not want to be the third generation to flee my home because of rising communism in California.

I have friends tell me I should leave California but this is my home. I talk with people every day who are upset by the increasing authoritarian socialist agendas in California. Government officials dictating who will go out of business while allowing large companies with money to continue operating. Dictating that you will wear a mask and making business owners enforce these decrees under threat of losing their licenses. Arresting people for going to the beach or paddleboarding on the ocean. Turning off people’s water and electricity for having friends or family visit their homes.

Now they are dictating you shall submit to mandatory medical treatment or else be cast out of society. I want this to stop. I want California to return to the ideals of liberty, and Californians to be able to make their own choices again.

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