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I will immediately issue an executive order making VACCINE PASSPORTS ILLEGAL in the state of California. Medical information is private. Businesses should not be burdened with being vaccine police for the state.

I will immediately issue an executive order SUSPENDING ALL MANDATES FOR the Covid 19 VACCINE in the state of California. Medical care is a personal choice. No person shall be required to submit to compulsory medical procedures to take part in daily life.  Private entities that do not comply shall not be allowed to operate in California to include cruise lines and air carriers.

I will immediately END MASK MANDATES. I will direct by executive authority that local, county, and state government agencies may mandate mask use ONLY ON GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. School districts that require masks shall provide parents with alternative options that shall include distance learning, and mask / no mask campuses that parents may choose to attend. Private business owners shall have full discretion to decide for themselves if masks will be required in their place of business.

I will hold BIG TECH ACCOUNTABLE FOR CENSORSHIP. The big tech oligarchs must be held to account. Honest intellectual content like prageru is blocked, commentators are repeatedly censored, and even a President of the United States of America is BANNED from social media platforms while the Taliban and other enemies of America, people who want to actually kill Americans, have active accounts on large mainstream social media platforms. Big tech oligarchs are using their platforms to drive the social narrative. Californians must have the means to hold them accountable.

I shall commit all resources available to the office of Governor to END THE BAN OF THE AR-15 RIFLE, END MAGAZINE CAPACITY RESTRICTIONS, and END ONEROUS REGULATIONS FOR PURCHASING AMMUNITION. I will cement the second amendment rights of Californians forever to not be trifled with again.

I will commit California resources to deter illegal crossing of California’s international border, and resources as available to assist the Governors of other states to secure their international borders.

I will not permit any persons who have entered America illegally to be transported into or released into the state of California by any state or federal agency.

I will direct all local, county, and state law enforcement agencies to fully cooperate with and assist ICE and Border Patrol.

I will seek to use California resources to provide mental health facilities to care for and house mentally ill homeless who have no others to care for them and who are not capable of caring for themselves. These mentally ill people should not be left homeless to fend for themselves. I believe this is an appropriate role for government.

I will use California resources to provide elder care facilities to care for and house homeless elderly who are destitute and have no others to care for them. The elderly are not in a position in their lives to start over or find employment. They should have a respectable and comfortable position in society in their golden years. I believe this is an appropriate role for government.

I will direct by Executive State Authority that all local and county law enforcement agencies shall enforce vagrancy laws. Californians shall not be left to endure vagrancy and encampments on the streets, in their parks, or on the beaches.

Any person or entity that is not a citizen of America who purchases a SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL property shall be required to personally inhabit that property for a minimum six months of every twelve. Non-citizens shall be allowed to purchase single family residential property in California for the sole purpose of personal housing. Any single family residential property owned by a non-citizen that is not personally occupied by the actual owner for six months of every twelve shall be required to be sold at or below assessed value within six months. If the property is not sold by six months, it shall be forfeited to the state whereby it will be sold at the assessed value. SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL HOMES SHALL NOT BE ALLWOED TO BE PURCHAED BY FOREIGN INVESTORS FOR SPECULATIVE INVESTMENTS THEREBY DRIVING AMERICANS OUT OF THE MARKET.

I am Pro Choice for the first 90 days of pregnancy. After 90 days I am Pro Life.

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